Commercial Laser Cutting Services Sunshine Coast

We work with a number of industries, including electrical, construction, building, manufacturing as well as cottage craftspeople to create customised items to suit their individual needs.


we produce industrial labels and signage made for two ply ABS (traffolyte), in a large selection of colours, custom sizes, a choice of fonts, with 3M backing or holes drilled suitable for switchboard labelling, safety tags, danger and warning signs as well as instruction labels.

Construction industry

We can produce residential and commercial internal and external signage, including address plaques, street or door numbers, safety signs and compliance plates.


We work on restoration fretwork, breezeways, screening, panelling and posts.


We can work with clients to create prototypes, do pattern making and manufacture parts

Cottage craft

We can create a range of small shapes, display stands, patterns and templates, with shapes suitable for jewellery, keyrings, coasters etc as well as display stands for jewellery, cakes, and sunglasses.

Cutting materials and capabilities that we can work with

Acrylic up to 12mm
Laser Ply up to 12mm
Bamboo up to 7mm
MDF up to 12mm
Weathertex up to 9.5mm

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