We are able to create signage using a range of options including, inlayed, multi layered, etched and floating signs. We are keen to establish on-going relationships with small businesses to assist them in creating bespoke corporate branding material and signage that reflects their individual personalities and the image that want to project.

Inlayed Signs

Using acrylic, each individual colour or piece is laser cut, then they are all inlayed together and adhered to a base board, creating a smooth finish. This is a very high finish sign style, impressive in waiting rooms, and foyers.

Multi Layered Sign

We start with a base board and add a layer in contrasting colours or material to make a 3D effect. Ideal for businesses, shops, offices and market stalls.

Material styles

  • Acrylic on acrylic – acrylic base with acrylic top layer
  • Acrylic on ply – laser ply base with acrylic top layer
  • Ply on acrylic – acrylic base with laser ply top layer
Custom Business Signage Sunshine Coast

Etched Signs

We offer three varieties of etched signs, the first uses laser ply and is etched down around 1mm which creates a contrast against the timber and is very effective in creating a 3D effect. (This is suitable for indoor use only).

The second variety uses a double coloured layered ABS, (traffolyte). We etch around .5mm off the top layer to expose the colour below for a contrast. This material comes in a variety of colours as suitable for commercial use, including labelling for workshops, switchboards and other industrial applications.

The third variety, we engrave the mirror image on the reverse side of the signage, using clear or frosted acrylic. This style is ideal for wedding signs, table numbers and trophies.

Floating Signs

Lettering, numbers and logos are laser cut form acrylic, laser ply, mdf or weathertex for you to mount on to your chosen surface. These are perfect for shops, market stalls and street address plaques.

Materials Available

Acrylic – 3mm, 6mm and 10mm
Laser Ply – 3.5mm and 7mm
MDF – 3mm, 6mm and 9mm
Weathertex – 6mm
*all material suitable for internal use,
Acrylic and weathertex are suitable for external use.

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